Study Space

Spaces for study are available on both floors of the Architecture and Fine Arts Library.

AFA Library is essentially one large open space, so it is especially important to be aware that sound carries easily. Because of noise concerns, group study requiring extended discussion is discouraged in this library.

Consumption of food in the AFA Library is not permitted. Non-alcoholic drinks in spill-proof containers are allowed (e.g. water-bottles with caps, coffee cups with lids). Soda cans are not spill-proof.

On the service floor, the reading room holds three double-decker carrel units. Carrels in the double-deckers have electrical outlets which may be used to charge laptop computers and other devices. Our reading room also features larger study tables. Along the north side of the service floor stacks are many individual study tables.

On the mezzanine, individual tables overlook the Reading Room.